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Welcome to Lotus Medical Group   Lotus Medical Group has four medical centres presently. 3 in AlQusais and 1 in AlQuoz Lotus Medical centre L.L.C in Al Qusais is managed by Dr.Javid Ahmed Shah, who is Physician,Diabetologist and also Medical Director of the centre. This clinic was earlier known as Dr.Iqbal Speciality Medical Centre and was running for 6 yrs before it was taken over by Lotus Medical Group. The facility have Dental department with Dr Yasar.Pand Dr. Merylin Geeverghese as dental surgeons. We have ENT department with Dr Shamim Qaisar as ENT Specialist. Orthopedic Specialist Dr Sagar Narang and Specialist Gynecologist Dr Shaba Nisar is available for consultation.Also Dr Rauf Jan,Family Physician isavailable for consultation Clinic timings are from 9 am to 10 pm   For appointments call 042619795    Lotus Medical Group has also opened a new branch in AL Quoz-3 namely Lotus Medical Centre L.L.C Al Quoz Branch, has started functioning recently. The facility is managed by Dr.Syed Sayeeduddin who is the Medical Director and also G.P in the Clinic.Dr Anis Fatima Female GP and General Surgeon is also available for consultation Dental department is represented by Dr Muntasar, dental Surgeon.   For appointment call 043465380   We provide continuing healthcare including prognosis and diagnosis to local patients and also corporates, companies, labourers and individual families. Our main objective is to provide professional, efficient, speedy and friendly medical care to all our patients.          
+9714 2619795
Damascus Street Al Qusais,

Proteam Europa Middle East

Welcome toProteam Europa Middle East visit us at www.proteam-me.com   Proteam Europa is one of the leading suppliers of swimming-pool and fountain equipment, spas, steam rooms, saunas as well as other water-treatment equipment in the Middle East, India and the World. We are also involved in the design, supply and installation of tropical rain forests as well as large aquariums for both private and public use.   With a multinational team of specialists from Europe, India, and South Africa, Proteam Europa is the supplier of choice for a multitude of prestigious projects in the Middle East and the sub-continent, thanks to its unrivalled expertise in all aspects of equipment design, quality, sustainability, maintenance and after-sales service.   It is due to the excellent relationship with these suppliers of top-quality products and the continuous will to provide the best possible service that Proteam Europa has gone from strength to strength, becoming one of the largest and most well-respected suppliers in the Middle East and India. Over the past year, Proteam Europa has also developed and introduced a new range of products in conjunction with a major European manufacturer of swimming pool equipment. PROTEAM products have had great success both locally and internationally thanks to the outstanding quality, reliability and value for money. Turnover has tripled in the last three years of operation. This is in addition to the existing and fully-stocked 2000m2 warehouse and office operation.   In this day and age, it is not sufficient to simply supply a high-quality product. Technical support and after-sales service are just as important as the product itself. We at Proteam Europa are fully aware of this: that is why we have created a team of skilled and enthusiastic experts who will always go the extra mile to ensure that the satisfaction of our clients is guaranteed. The experience and expertise acquired over the years means that our clients receive full support when designing filtration, chemical-dosing and temperature-control systems for both private and commercial applications.   We at Proteam Europa know how important water is to our customers and we are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent service to suit every type of budget and to ensure that you get full value from your investment.   Our products includes,   • Sand Filters • Pool Lights • Filtration Pumps • Pool Fittings • Pool Surround • Heater • Fountain Nozzles • Cleaning accessories • Pool Wellnes equipments  •PVC Fittings etc...   Pool Filtration Systems,   As we saw previously, the water in a swimming pool needs to circulate through a filtration system to remove dirt and debris. During normal operation, water flows to the filtration system through the main drains at the bottom of the pool and the skimmers around the top of the pool.     The main drains are usually located on the lowest point in the pool, so the entire pool surface slants toward them. Most of the dirt and debris that sinks exits the pool through these drains. To prevent people's hair or limbs caught in the plumbing, it is recommended that two or more drains are installed to reduce the suction pressure. Antivortex drains and covers, which divert the flow of water to prevent a dangerous vortex from forming, can also be used.   The skimmers draw water the same way as the main drains, but they suck only from the very top of the pool. Any floating debris (leaves, suntan oil, hair) exits the pool through these skimmers. The diagram below shows a common system.   In the system described above, the floating skimmer flap, where the water enters the skimmer, swings in and out to let a very small volume of water in at a time. To catch debris effectively, the goal is to skim just the surface level. The water flows through the skimmer basket, which catches any larger debris such as twigs and leaves, and needs to be cleaned regularly to prevent clogging of the suction line. In addition to the main inlet, the skimmer system can have an optional secondary equalizer line leading to a drain below the surface level. This line keeps the skimmer from drawing air into the pump system if the water level drops below the level of the main inlet.   Summer Solutions for a Crystal Clear Swimming Pool   Because we are entering into the hottest time of the year. If there is any chance of a clogged filter or a poorly maintenced filter, you will run a HUGE risk of dirty/cloudy water.   ALGAE FREE POOLS are 95% about properly balanced CHLORINE (SANITATION) LEVELS   Chlorine is an anti-bacterial chemical that KILLS bacterial (Algae) growth and is what's used to sanitize our domestic drinking water. But there is a little more you should know about chlorine levels before you go blasting your swimming pool with 4 gallons of liquid chlorine:   Warm weather breeds algae, so whether you have a salt water pool or you are using traditional chlorine (liquid or dry tablet form) KEEP YOUR CHLORINE LEVELS on the HIGHER SIDE (3.0/ppm) this SUMMER.   The down side of higher chlorine levels are this: Eye irritation, bleached swim suits, undesired odors, and it can be harsh on your pool plaster or equipment. By keeping your pH also balanced (7.4/ppm) each week this will help to minimized the chlorine consumption. However, you should also know that pH levels that are too low can cause the same effects with eye irritation and be harsh on pool equipment. It is all a subtle balance with a stronger emphasis on Chlorine levels. Check out some SECRET TIPS for a simplistic approach to GREAT water chemistry!   SECRET TIP (Semi-Annual TEST): SALT WATER POOLS; check the sodium level (2700 – 3400/ppm) NO More, NO Less!   SECRET TIP (Semi-Annual TEST): **FOR ALL POOLS; Check you CONDITIONER LEVEL (80/ppm) NO More, NO Less! So many people forget this step and it is equally important as chlorine is to a pool. Conditioner is what will retain the chlorine levels within your pool. Without it, 2 gallons of chlorine will become dissipated in 2 days on a hot summer day ~ trust me, the green algae monster will rear its ugly head if you don't!   Why Proteam Europa?   • Largest pool and fountain equipment traders in Dubai   • Deals all kind of Pool equipments, fountain equipment and related materials   • Deals all majour brand of pool equipment manufacturers in world   • Quality is the first preference   • Top priority on aftersales service   • Qualified professional for cunsultation, first of this kind in pool tarding industry   • Compatitive Pricing     If it's value, affordability, reliability and peace of mind that you are looking for, then look no further than Amberpools.    
+971 4 3419440
Al Quoz industrial Area 3,


     Welcome to "Rocks Gym" - we are the original, the place where it all begins. A fitness club in KARAMA DUBAI, we are starting a tradition of commitment, passion and dedication.   Our fitness club is a place where we help people realize their goals and find their inner strength. We combine the most diverse amenities in the industry with the best personal training to deliver the ultimate fitness experience.   At Rocks Gym you'll find all of the latest cardio and strength training equipment along with a dynamic group exercise program that includes classes like yoga, group cycling, muscle endurance training and Pilates. Most importantly, you'll find an energic, supportive environment full of all kinds of people who are committed to achieving their goals.   Our global staffs of certified personal trainers and group exercise instructors are best in the business. Whether it is a mom looking to get in shape after a child, a marathon runner training for his or her next race or a star training for their next movie, - we leverage years of fitness experience to create personalized fitness programs that help our members realize their potential.   As our staff and members can tell you, when you put on Rocks Gym t-shirt, it means something special. It's not street cred... it's strength cred, Today more than ever, people are looking for strength. Whether it's the strength to be a better parent, the strength to overcome diabetes or the strength to be a better athlete - strength comes in many forms. At Rocks Gym, we recognize that everyone has their own strength.           
04 3706631
Near ADCB Bank ,
Al Karama


Welcome to Health Family Clinic - Karama -  Dubai.   Since its birth in 2010,  Health Family Clinic - DUBAI has built a reputation in providing comprehensive dental treatment at affordable prices.   For our Dental practice, it is our main concern to provide you with the maximum information regarding the importance of oral health care and we ensure to make your “ Trip to the Dentist ” as exceptional and pleasurable as possible.    Whilst consultation, Doctors visually explain the diagnosis and through that the patients get a clearer overall idea about their dental problems and future treatments.    Dental Services Include :   • Cosmetic Fillings • Scaling and Teeth Polishing • Braces for Children and Adults (Orthodontics) • Root Canal Treatment • Crowns, Bridges and Dentures (Replacement of missing teeth) • Veneers, Dental Implants • Pediatric Management under Anesthesia • Oral Surgery and rehabilitation (Painless removal of teeth)   We look forward to continously playing an important role in good oral health to you and your loved ones.      We do value the importance of your time as we don’t compromise on your appointments. Strict adherence to timings are kept. Clinic timings are 9am-9pm all days. Also, our clinic area has ample space to suit your parking needs.   We Accept All Major Insurance Companies like;   Metlife Alico, MSH International, Adnic, Allianz, Dubai Insurance, Neuron, Axa, Saico, Aetna, Ascana, Almadallah, NAS, Oman Insurance, Nextcare, Avita, Amity, Daman, Globalnet , GlobeMed and Mednet.   Talk about freedom of health, we are surely the one to trust!  
+971 4 3960034
Opposite Carrefour/ Opp Burjuman Centre,
Karama - Dubai


Welcome To Everpure Dubai. "Sole Distributor For UAE - Silver Corner Trading" Everpure Water Filtration System Authorized Service & Distribution Company - Silver Corner Trading   1. Water Filtration System to Foodservice Equipment like Ice Machine, Coffee Machine, Dishwasher, Juice Maker, Oven, Steamer etc… PRODUCTS/ SERVICES : Let me introduce myself, Am Muneer From SILVER CORNER TRADING(Authorised Service & Distribtion Of Everpure Water Filtration System For Foodservice Division) ABOUT EVERPURE : As you know the problems of lime scale and chlorine in food industry, EVERPURE- a product of USA –has purposely designed filters to address all kinds of water related problems which will ensure that the coffee Machines, Ice Makers, Ovens, Steamers and Fountain Beverages Equipments to work trouble free for as well as to ensure that your customers will be served with the best taste for food and beverages. It has special individual filtration systems for Food Services applications,Villas, Hospitals & Schools. NSF INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF EVERPURE DRINKING WATER SYSTEM Standard No. 42: Aesthetic Effects Standard No.53: Health effects Chemical Unit Mechanical filtration unit Taste and Odor Reduction Turbidity Reduction. Chlorine Reduction, Class I Cyst Reduction Scale and Corrosion Control Asbestos reduction Mechanical Filtration Unit Particulate Reduction, Class I: 99.9% reduction of particles ½ micron and larger in size. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by not selling our product but giving them a proper solution for their problems.We already completed our 13years in the market..As we satisfied UAE Customers(specially dubai,sharjah).Now we are concentrating More on Abu Dhabi,Ajman,Fujeirah,Jebel Ali,Ras al Khaimah etc.   Feel free to contact us Muneer(Sales Engineer) SILVER CORNER TRADING Everpure Foodservice Division Mob: 050-4581351 Email : sales@everpureuae.com
+9714 3967799


  Welcome to Al Fida Medical centre, Karama - Dubai.   Health care by Scientific,Holistic, Professional and dedicated way of approach.   Our doctors of AL FIDA MEDICAL CENTRE is committed to quality healthcare at affordable cost.   With the aim of comprehensive healthcare for whole family in 2004  Dr.Subair started Al Fida Medical Centre in Al Attar Shopping Mall Karama Dubai. WE ARE IDEALLY  LOCATED IN KUWAIT STREET IN KARAMA WITH AMPLE CAR PARKING BEHIND LULU SUPER MARKET . We provide highest quality healthcare with human touch. Our airm      Comprehensive quality  dental services including Root Canal treatment  and cosmetic dentistry is available at affordable price in our dental department.     VISIT OUR website : http://www.homeopathyuae.com      TELEPHONE:043355357:FAX:04 3355380;0503466103     Why Al Fida Medical centre.   Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular day by day.yet mejority of people still do not fully understand how it works.there are also many misconceptions about it.    The Homeopathic practitioners of aL FIDA  MEDICAL CENTRE  are well versed in the science of the body in both health and disease.They  further have thorough grasp of Homeopathic philosophy ,case taking ,case analysis and materia Medica.   Homeopathy is an individualised precise science debveloped over 200 years ago and has helped millions of people suffering from various chronic as well as acute diseases.     According to Homeopathic prnciple if a person is sick that means his life energy (vital force)is deranged and that will manifest as signs and symptoms.        Practice of Homeopathy is based on belief that body has the power to heal by it self. Changes in symptoms and signs of diseases show that body is trying to heal itself. There for these medicines promote over all health of a person by boosting the immune system.Homeopathic medicine treats the patient rather than the symptoms of the disease.      * Qualified and experienced professionals * Most advanced facility * Quality health care at affordable cost * Dedication   Our Services   * General Medicine  Homeopathy  *Dental Ob Gynecology Dermatology     Al Fida Homeopathy   Homeopathy is a natural medicine for everybody - at any stage of life. Our family focused approach means that we welcome mums and dads, grandparents, young adults and teenagers.Homeopathic Medicine is holistic form of medicine; each aspect of the patient's physical, mental and emotional state are taken into account. All these aspects are inter-related and affect a person's overall health.   The 3 main goals of Homeopathic Medicine are:   To restore health by strengthening the body's immune system Balance the body's endocrine system Help the patient cope with emotional stressors and psychological traumas   Our approach...   ◘ allows every person to benefit from care tailored to their unique characteristics and temperament ◘ views the person as an active participant in their consult and path back to health ◘creates an environment that encourages health decisions based on informed choices ◘integrates wholistic principles with a sound knowledge of medical sciences and a common sense grounded approach   Al Fida Homeopathy Treatments,    - Chronic Diseases - Acute Diseases - Pregnancy &labour - Sexual problems.  - Expat family moving package - Specific treatments (for air travel, dental treatment, surgery, etc.)   When to see a homeopathic doctor.   Homeopathy can help in most of cases other than surgical emergencies (ie. where the body has to be physically put back together).  In most other cases homeopathy can help improve your  condition - sometimes more, Similarly to conventional medicine which can not cure in all cases.   Scope of  Homeopathy:   ◘ In common chronic diseases ◘ In acute illnesses involving pain, inflammation or fever ◘ If acute illnesses keep recurring eg. tonsillitis, ear infections, herpes etc ◘ In purely mental or emotional complaints, such as anxiety, depression or hyperactivity ◘ In pregnancy & for labour ◘ In childhood illnesses eg chickenpox, scarlatina;worm trouble ;bed wetting ,Eczema;infantile colic ;chronic diarrhea; Bronchial asthma,Autism 'Attention deficit Hyper activity .adenoids  ◘ When you are told to live with your pain/medication/condition and you are wondering if there is an alternative way to treat your illness ◘ In complaints with no medical diagnosis but patent suffers . ◘ Before and after surgery and as a complimentary treatment along with  major conventional treatment patients undergoing Heart disease treatment or Diabetes treatment. ◘ At any change of life such as puberty, childbirth, menopause, redundancy, retirement, or move to a foreign country, to help deal with the change ◘ In aesthaetic complaints like scars, acne, varicose veins or warts,corns,Vitiligo,Hair falling ,keloid ; ◘ In epidemics (rubella, flu, chicken pox ;measles ,mumps etc) as an extra preventative measure ◘ In high-stress or low-energy states ◘ In severe conditions to lessen pain and improve quality of life ◘ Old age problems.    Consulting Homeopathic General Practitioner   DR.SUBAIR.P.K.   B.H.M.S.P.G.DIPLOMA IN CLASSICAL HOMEOPATHY-IACH (GREECE)   more than 20 years of Experience in the field of Classical  HomeopathY.       TIMINGS: 9 AM TO 1 PM  EVENING 5 PM TO 9 PM    Al Fida Dental Care   FUNCTIONING FROM 9 AM to 10.PM   Al Fida Medical Centre, the modern dental clinic located at Karama Dubai, offers you the world class dental services completely covering all fields of dentistry and provides the higest quality of dental care available now a day. As to our “Esthetic concept” the concept of treatment that not only focus on the functional restoration, or the oral health promotion but also the final appearance.   Everyone deserve to have a dazzling smile. No matter what the current appearance of your teeth, esthetic / cosmetic dentistry solutions such as dental implants, dental crowns and dental bridges, porcelain veneers, dental inlay/onlay, teeth whitening and esthetic orthodontic can help.     Extensive range of specialist dental services,   Al Fida treats adults and children, for the following:   ◙ Restorative Dentistry (specialist treatment for gum disease, construction of dentures, crowns and bridges and root fillings. ◙ Sedation (specialist techniques for patients who are anxious or nervous of dental treatment) ◙ Paediatric Dentistry  (dedicated care for our younger patients) ◙ Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology (a range of X-ray services to help diagnose dental problems and monitor your treatment. Tooth Jwellery -Fashion Tooth whitening-Different packages available.     Consulting General Dentist   Dr. Mohamed Rineesh .BDS. General dentist   More than 5 years of experience in Cosmetic Dentistry.   TIMINGS :9 TO 2.30 PM    DR.SABIQ..K.M. BDS ; General dentist.   More than 6 years experience in the field of General dentistry and cosmetic field .   Expertise in complicated extractions .   TIMINGS : 2PM TO 10 PM.    
+971 4 3355357


Welcome to our website, we believe in Quality and customer satisfaction and our first preference is to provide the best solution to our esteemed clients and of course to our society too. Particularly, we will focus on high quality, transparency and how allowing the customers to know what is going on and what is being done is at the base of trust in our firm, and the catalyst for real change for consumers, communities, employees, investors, and well, all of us. Please have a glance around our website and let us know your valuable feedback. Thank You very much for your valuable time… Hope that we will meet you soon.
+9714397 0444
Al Karama,

Chrome Rent A Car LLC

Welcome to our website, we believe in Quality and customer satisfaction and our first preference is to provide the best solution to our esteemed clients and of course to our society too. Particularly, we will focus on high quality, transparency and how allowing the customers to know what is going on and what is being done is at the base of trust in our firm, and the catalyst for real change for consumers, communities, employees, investors, and well, all of us. Please have a glance around our website and let us know your valuable feedback. Thank You very much for your valuable time… Hope that we will meet you soon.
+9714 3962226
Al Karama,

Etoile Trading Co. LLC

Etoile Trading Co. LLC Al Karama Dubai offers the best cosmetics products for your natural beauty care, though committed to give highest standards of quality to it's customers by providing excellent services for the processing of ornamenting salons and the unique care for skin and body.   More information Call: +971 4 3966693 Email: omarhussein@live.ca     visit our website www.etoiletrd.com  
+971 43966693
Karama- Kuwait Street,

Julia Rent A Car

Welcome to Julia Rent A Car Dubai! Julia Rent A Car is a worldwide car rental company with 10 years of experience. Our customers expect to get a great and quick rent a car with Julia Rent A Car. Julia Rent A Car is one of the leading rental car companies globally and offers several services other than just cheap car rentals these services include one way car rentals, weekend rentals, car hire, van rental, and so much more. With Julia Rent A Car you also get a large fleet of rental cars to choose from with vehicles only coming from the best automobile brands such as BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, Chevy, Ford, Audi, and Volkswagen. If you need an economy car, van, convertible, or SUV at an affordable price Julia Rent A Car rent a car is the right choice for you.   Our Vision "We will lead our industry by defining service excellence and building unmatched customer loyalty."  Our Mission  "We will ensure a stress-free car rental experience by providing superior services that cater to our customers' individual needs...always conveying the 'We Try Harder' spirit with knowledge, caring and a passion for excellence."   Quality We will place the interests of our customers first. We will be dedicated to providing an individualized rental experience that assures customer satisfaction and earns the unwavering loyalty of our customers.   Our special rental cars offers and low everyday rates assist you in keeping your travel plans within your budget. Julia Rent A car has convenient national car rental locations to service you. Julia Rent A car program will get you in and on to your destination in a flash!   Free Pickup and Delivery.   Additional Services • Desert safaris • City Tours • Dhow Cruise • Wild Wadi Tour   Find out more about Julia Rent A car and our rental services.   For Reservations& Booking Call: +971 43969277, +971 8771206 Email: juliarac@eim.ae  
+9714 3967857
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