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Industrial equipments in Abu Dhabi

Reliable Equipments Technical Supplies -one of the leading suppliers of oilfield, Industrial and marine equipments. Contact: +971 25525414
+971 25525414
Abu Dhabi

Corset designer in Dubai

Afra Al Abdulla, Abu Hail Dubai- The house of extremely innovative and strange fashion line
+9714 2629123
Hor Al Anz

Sofas & Chairs & more-- Home Furnishings.

Sofas, Chairs and other Upholstered Furniture from Welcome Furniture Trading Dubai. Select from a wide range of fabrics and designs!
+971 4 3334595
Ras al Khor Ind 2,

best gynecologist in dubai

Dr Annapurna Sulegavi Specialist Gynecologist,most experienced in UAE is available for consultation in Lotus Medical Center call 042619795
+9714 2619795
Damascus Street Al Qusais

Best Clinic in Dubai

Lotus Medical Center in Al Qusais for Gynecologist,Physician and Dental doctors,call 042619795
+9714 2619795
Damascus Street Al Qusais

ayurvedic massages in dubai

Ayurvedic massages are available here, with medicated oils,contact 04-2809417. Traditional Ayurvedic massage is very effective in all kinds of body pains, joint pains, disc prolapse, chronic head ache, back pain and to relax your body and mind. There are different types of massages for specific ailments like arthritis, rheumatism, spondylitis etc. As age advances various tissues and organs in the body undergo degeneration. So it becomes essential to rejuvenate the system for a better harmony of the body and mind. To maintain Health, youth and beauty and to eliminate toxins, specially prepared oils are applied all over the body and massaged applying regulated pressure to muscles and nerves in a rhythmic and systematic way. We also offer Marma Massage, a special type of massage done by exerting regulated pressure gently to all the Marma (Reflex) points by trained masseurs.
Al Qusais

Ayurvedic treatments in dubai

Ayurcare provides complete Ayurveda treatments by professional, experienced and traditionally qualified doctors at our Al Qusais clinic in Dubai. We provide Ayurveda treatments like Traditional Ayurveda Treatment and Therapies, Traditional Ayurvedic Massage, Chavittithirumal, Marma Massage, Thala Pothichil, Pizhichil, Shirodhara, Sirovasthi, Kadi Vasthi, Vasti (Enema), Njavara Kizhi, and Nasyam etc...Call us @ +971-4-2809417 for advance booking.
Al Qusais


Music training available for vocal and instruments like Keyboard,Guitar,Piano,Violin,Tabla,Drums & etc
+9714 2635989
Damascus Street Al Qusais

Exclusive Design Corporate Uniforms

Now in UAE !!!Exclusively Design Corporate Uniform from a renowned Fashion Designer Ms. Merline Roma, book now on special introductory rate!
Near to Al Karama Metro Station

Customized Fabric Designs for your dream Wedding & Party Dresses in UAE,Dubai

Now first time ever in Haute Couture Gowns...have your personalize designs on Silk,Chiffon,Organza of your choice for your exclusivity!!
Near to Al Karama Metro Station
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