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Yokomo Drift cars Available @ Extreme Hobbies Trading
6A Street Karama

RC Drifting Competition

RC Drifting Competion Hosted by Extreme Hobbies Trading every Friday at 4pm
6A Street Karama

RC Cars

RC Cars available @ Extreme Hobbies Trading
6A Street Karama

Whitening of Teeth in Dubai

Al Fida Medical Center, Karama, provides all dental treatments by experienced and qualified doctors. We use modern equipment and cutting edge technologies in our dental clinic. Our teeth whitening cost is affordable to all and we always provides the best services to our patients. Al Fida Medical Center ensure that each visit of our patients turns out to be a pleasant experience, rather than a mere dental appointment. We give proper counselling and give appropriate suggestions to keep our teeth healthy and beautiful.
+971 4 3355357

Homeopathic Clinic in Dubai

AL FIDA MEDICAL CENTRE Karama Dubai, is an ideal Center for Classical Homeopathy.Dr.SUBAIR P K.G.P.Homeopathy leads the homeopathy department in Al Fida. Our homeopathy doctors of AL FIDA MEDICAL CENTRE is committed to quality healthcare at affordable cost. With the aim of comprehensive healthcare for whole family in 2004 Dr.Subair started Al Fida Medical Centre in Al Attar Shopping Mall Karama Dubai. We are managing most of the chronic and acute diseases in a Classical Homeopathic Way. The 3 main goals of Homeopathic Medicine are: 1) To restore health by strengthening the body's immune system, 2) Balance the body's endocrine system, and 3) Help the patient cope with emotional stressors and psychological traumas. With the help of modern technologies and qualified and professional homeopathic doctors, Al Fida Medical center is one of the best and most trusted homeopathic clinic in Dubai. Call our homeopathy doctor @ 04 3355357 OR 050 3466103..
+971 4 3355357

best water filtration company in dubai

SILVER CORNER TRADING , KARAMA DUBAI. Silver Corner Trading, Sole Distributor OF Everpure Water Filtration System For UAE. Since 1933, Everpure, Inc. has been a worldwide leader in providing water filtration solutions to the foodservice, vending, residential, recreational vehicle, marine and aviation markets. Companies such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, American Airlines, 7-Eleven, Winnebago, Walt Disney World, the U.S. Navy, and Air Force One have used Everpure water filtration systems for years. Everpure designs products that improve the quality of food and beverages, remove harmful particles and contaminants, and reduce water-using equipment maintenance costs and downtime. call for assist : 050-2945336.
+9714 3967799

Julia Rent A Car Karama Dubai

At Julia Rent A CAr we strive hard to provide you quality cars and good service.Contact and visit us we are happy to serve you
+9714 3967857

Best Fitness Club in karama

Rocks Gym Al Karama Dubai,group cycling, muscle endurance training and Pilates.
04 3706631
Near ADCB Bank

Dental clinic in Dubai

L Fida medical centre; AL Attar shopping Mall Karama, is one of the most advanced health clinic, provides most modern dental treatment in Dubai. All our dental doctors are highly qualified and several years of experience in dental field. Al Fida Medical center have most modern dental equipment and cutting edge technologies makes us unique in the field. Treatments are Bridges, Crowns, Fillings, Root canal treatment, Scale and polish, Braces, Implants, Dentures or false teeth, Broken or knocked out tooth, Teeth whitening, Dental veneers etc... Al Fida Medical Center ensure that each visit of our patients turns out to be a pleasant experience, rather than a mere dental appointment. Call our dentist @ 04 3355357 050 3466103 for a free consultation. What makes us one of the best dental clinic in Dubai are, 1) Most Modern Facilities 2) Cutting edge technologies, 3) Experienced and qualified dental doctors 4) Friendly approach 5) Consultation fee etc...
+971 4 3355357

Homeopathic doctor in Dubai

Dr.Subair Experienced Homeopathic Doctor in Dubai workingin Al Fida Medical Centre Karama.Dubai.043355357;050 3466103
+971 4 3355357
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